Get roof inspection services in College Park, Union City or East Point, GA

Buying or selling a home without inspecting the roof is always a risky move. Without knowing the integrity of your roof, you could find yourself facing big problems. Faulty flashing and loose shingles can cause water damage, while a sagging roof can lead to even bigger problems, like major structural damage. We offer drone services to help us inspect the entire roof. We can cover every angle to ensure the roof has been fully inspected.

That's why you should hire On Deck Inspections for roof inspection services in Union City, College Park or East Point, GA. We can inspect your roof thoroughly in search of a wide range of issues.

Our owner has extensive experience and completes all roof inspections himself, so you can trust that your roof is in reliable hands. Call 404-438-8033 now to schedule your roof inspection.

Check out the benefits of inspecting your roof

On Deck Inspections takes pride in providing comprehensive roof inspections services in College Park, Union City and Hapeville, GA. We can inspect every inch of your roof in search of rot, leaks, punctures, missing shingles and more. A professional roof inspection can help you:

  • Minimize further damage to your home
  • Avoid purchasing a home with a faulty roof
  • Extend the life of your roof
  • Sell your home faster

Plus, it'll give you peace of mind about the condition of your roof. Contact us right away to get reliable roof inspection services. We'll be happy to answer any questions.