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Request a real estate home inspection in Union City, College Park &East Point, GA

Buying or selling a home can be a complicated and sometimes overwhelming process. Sellers must worry about keeping their home in top-notch condition. Buyers often compromise to find a house that fits most of their wants and needs. A real estate home inspection can help both parties make informed decisions. On Deck Inspections is proud to perform inspections in the Union City, College Park, East Point & Hapeville, GA area.

Don't go into any real estate transaction blind. Get a complete picture of any property, including a thorough roofing inspection, by calling 404-438-8033 now.

Don't buy or sell any property without an inspection

Before buying a car, you probably have a mechanic check under the hood to make sure everything's in good shape. You should do the same before buying a home. A thorough home inspection will include:

  • A roofing inspection
  • An interior and exterior structural inspection
  • An electrical system inspection
  • A plumbing and water pressure inspection
  • A crawl space or basement inspection
  • A fireplace and chimney inspection
At On Deck Inspections, we won't cut corners or leave anything off of our report. Contact our crew to schedule your real estate home inspection in Union City, College Park & East Point, GA as soon as possible.