Does your home have a mold problem?

We offer mold inspections in the Union City, College Park & East Point, GA area

Mold inspections are always important, whether you just purchased a home or you've lived on a property for years. Moisture can build up over time due to rain, flooding and humidity and destroy your home's wooden framing.

Any time you suspect there's a problem, On Deck Inspections can help you find a solution. We provide mold inspection services throughout Union City, College Park, Hapeville, East Point, GA and the surrounding area. During mold inspections, we'll take air and surface material samples to check for mold.

Customer service is our top priority. We promise to offer services with integrity and quality values in mind. We're dedicated to putting your family's safety first every step of the way. Our experienced crew can help you get to the bottom of your mold problem. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling 404-438-8033.

Spot the signs of mold

The earlier you notice mold, the easier it is to remove. With regular mold inspections from On Deck Inspections, you can trust us to resolve the issue right away.

Did you know that catching mold growth early is important for your family's health and well-being? You may have mold in your home if...

  • You're coughing, sneezing or congested.
  • You're having difficulty breathing.
  • You have constant watery eyes.
  • You notice a strong, musty odor.

Are you worried about mold in your Union City, College Park, East Point & Hapeville, GA home? Contact us today for a free estimate on mold inspection services.